Review. £5 off of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at Tescos.

29 August 2014

Almost a year ago I received an email from Tescos to sign up to a new site they were developing called Orchard. Now on this website you fill out a number of surveys so that they understand your habits and preferences. Then every so often you get “invited” to programmes where you are sent vouchers to try new products that Tesco have launched.

The most recent programme I signed up to take part in was one where I got £5 off of any fruit and vegetables that I ordered with a Tesco delivery. Perfect timing as I needed to stock up at uni!

I got a whole range of vegetables, as you can see from the photos I went all out!

Back to the point of the programme and my review. The aim of the programme was to see what the freshness was like of the products delivered. I must say it was really good! The products were definitely better than if I had picked them myself. The dates were all the best you could have found in store.

Would I recommend Tescos to you?
Well I personally have never had a bad experience with Tescos. The reason I always shop there is because I get club card points and vouchers. Not only that, obviously it is an added bonus, the range of products they do is great, they are always keeping up to date with their brands and doing their own version of the products as well.
Yes, I would definitely recommend shopping there. People can judge so quickly but it’s really quite good!

You may ask why I bought so much, I couldn’t possibly eat it all before it goes out of date. Well you’re right, I always get vegetables that I can freeze, so I chop it all up and divide it into plastic bags and put it in the freezer.

That way I can choose which vegetable I want with my dinner or if I want to put extra vegetables in a chilli con carne or bolognaise sauce then they are already in the freezer ready for me to use.

The cute patterned bags are from IKEA!

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