'Healthy' Double Chocolate Chip 'Cupcake' Muffins

22 July 2014

These are just way too good, like you wouldn't believe. Make them, right now, and eat them. Trust me, it is so worth it and obviously the more chocolate chips the better, I definitely put in more than I should have.
And my housemates love them so much they polished the lot off, there's only two of them!

200g Wholemeal Flour
75g Plain Flour
50g Chocolate Chips
25g Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1 Egg
2 Egg Whites
200ml Semi-Skimmed Milk
100g Low-Fat Natural Yogurt
50ml Maple Syrup
50ml Sunflower Oil

Preheat the oven to 200C, ready to put the muffin tray on the middle shelf. Line a muffin tray with paper cases.
Place the flours, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda in a large bowl and make a well in the centre. 

Beat the egg and egg whites briefly in a large jug, and then beat in the milk, yogurt, maple syrup and oil until smooth and well combined. Mix this wet mixture into the dry ingredients with as few stirs as possible to give a wet, sloppy mixture.

Pouring the mixture using two spoons, divide the mixture among the 12 cases. Pop the tray in the oven to cook for about 20 minutes (mine took a bit longer than this) and the cupcakes feel spongy to touch.
Remove from the oven and once cool enough to handle, transfer them out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Though I must say they are amazing warm!

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